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LSC Community College End of the Semester Online Evaluation Comments for Algebra

  • "The instructor explains the problem proficiently and clearly."

  • "What an awesome teacher! I had a good feeling when I signed up for her class that she was a good teacher. She has been available if I needed help throughout the course. Encouraged me that I can do it. I haven't been in a math type class since high school and was worried. She has been extremely understanding."

  • "Thank you Mrs. Mackie! You were a great teacher and helped me out with everything I need to know in order to move on to the next level. Much appreciated!!"

  • "She made this semester easy even though it was algebra. lol"

  • "Mrs. Mackie made herself available to me whenever I had trouble with any assignment."

  • " She explains it different ways not just one way."

  • "Patient and kind."

  • "The instructor was very informative."

  •  "She is always helpful to students that do not understand a problem or topic."

  • "I like the way she takes time to address the individual students needs."

  • "makes sure i feel confident about myself. says she knows i can do it. Always makes me feel smart. which is good because i have been out of school for over 20 yrs."

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