LSC Math 0324 Mathematics for Business and Social Science


3 Credits (3 hrs. lab.) Math 0324 is a non-course based option covering objectives students will need to be successful in Mathematics for Business and Social Science, MATH 1324 (3201045419) Prerequisite: MATH 0308 or Placement by testing; Corequisite: MATH 1324
This class is specifically designed for students who have not met TSIA requirements for credit-level mathematics. Students must register for both MATH 0324.3C51 and MATH 1324.3C51.

Course Outcomes:

1. Perform basic math operations involving fractions.
2. Apply the rules of exponents.
3. Plot and read graphs of the Cartesian Coordinate system.
4. Solve and graph linear equations, including applying these and rates of change/slope to real world problems.
3. Solve and apply systems of equations and inequalities using graphing, substitution, and elimination to real world applications.
4. Simplify expressions, including linear, radical, polynomial, rational, and exponential expressions.
5. Convert between logarithmic and exponential expressions.
6. Identify and apply quadratic, radical, and rational equations to real world applications using methods including factoring and quadratic formula.
7. Calculator Usage












We  will be using parts of this textbook throughout the semester, to provide background skills and support for the concepts you'll be learning in Math 1324. It's a free e-textbook (unless you want a print copy) called Intermediate Algebra, by Lynn Maracek.


 Graphing Calculator  (TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus preferrably)

TI-84 Graphing Calculator Plus.png