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What Subjects Do You Tutor?

  •  Elementary Math

  • Middle School Math

  • Pre-Algebra   

  • Algebra I 

  • Intermediate Algebra 

  • Developmental  / Transitional Math (Math 0306, Math 0308, Math 0310 at LSC , Lone Star College)

  • EOC Algebra

  • GED (Math)

  • Standardized Tests

  • ASVAB (Math)

Who do You Tutor?
  • Students

  • Adults

  • Teachers

  • Future Teachers

How Exactly Does an Online Tutoring Session Work?

It's easy and convenient.

  1. Register and pay through PayPal

  2. We both meet in Zoom, and make certain we can see and hear each other.

  3. We will have access to a whiteboard which we both can write on.

  4. We will go over concepts, strategies, and application of chosen topic and/or the assignment and textbook pages you previously sent me. For teachers, we can go over how to teach the topic or prep for the teacher exam.

  5. We review what was learned and plan for the next session.

  6. You're done! It's that easy. Turn off your computer and enjoy your new understanding of math.

What Equipment Do I Need for Online Tutoring?

How Much Does Tutoring Cost?


  1 on 1  ---> Tutoring  

   30 minutes - $45

   45 minutes - $60

   60 minutes - $75


 Longer sessions and group sessions available upon request.       

Let’s think about this? Unlike large tutoring companies, you pay this or higher prices, but you aren’t guaranteed the same person or expertise. Valuable time is lost because your child has to adjust to yet another tutor that may not specialize in math or be passionate about math with a growth mindset. With Math Coach Mackie, you just eliminated 20 plus students to receive individualized attention from a veteran educator with over 20 years of experience with a recent Master’s degree in Education. Thus, I can efficiently identify learning gaps and make a plan to close those gaps. Teachers and students benefit from my experience as a Math and Reading Interventionist, Regional Math Coach and a Professional Development Presenter.

          Once I teach you or your child what you thought you could not understand, that knowledge and understanding is yours for life. As Mama told me, “Baby, learn as much as you can, because once you learn it no one can take it away from you!”  You and your child(ren) are good investments!

    So the choice is simple, pay for a very experienced, passionate, and qualified math coach and learn quickly or pay a lot more for a longer period of time with a big tutoring company. Wouldn’t you like the personal touch a private math coach can provide?

How Do You Pay for Online Tutoring?

When you sign up for online tutoring, you may pay with PAYPAL or Cash App.  You can also use PayPal on your phone, just download the app.

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