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LSC Community College End of the Semester Online Evaluation Comments for Intermediate Algebra:

  • "Tutoring was very helpful and the fact that it was online made it very convenient."

  • "She always is encouraging and pumping us up when we feel we cant do a problem or really tries new methods and ideas when this happens."

  • "She was available for any questions and tutoring, made note of all available resources, and was able to help me on all problems, including technical issues."

  • "Mrs. Mackie took the time to tutor me over the phone for a week when I most need it."

  • "I just want to thank Mrs. Mackie for being helpful,flexible and understanding this semester. I am understanding algebra a little more now. Hopefully next semester I can improve my skills even more."

  • "She always tries to help students individually, even though it is an online class. She reaches out to students and has full intentions of helping them succeed."

  • "It is a great class and she makes it easy to understand."

  • "Lets us set our own pace on learning."

  • "She makes learning fun and really wants us students to participate."

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