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Under Desk Treadmill

This is on my  Christmas wish list for 2019. I work from home and sit too much. However, I do enjoy walking. I researched many. Most under desk treadmills don't accommodate running or faster speeds. If weather didn't permit for a power walk outside,  I wanted to be able to use the same treadmill.  This one will do both. I'll post pics/video when my wish comes true.

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under desk treadmill.png

Fit Bounce Pro II Bungee Rebounder

I have this one! Best money I've spent! I love it! If you been doing your research, you know the bungee version can be troublesome to assemble although it's the best for your joints. It comes folded in half pretty much done. Only a few bungees to reconnect due to shipping. It's not recommended, but I opened (lots of tension) and assembled the legs by myself. The counter didn't last long. It probably needs a battery. No problem, because my Fitbit recognizes my activity as steps! That was a nice surprise.  The company sent us a free pair of grip socks because we were sent  the wrong DVD. The trampoline itself is everything it's advertised to be with no assembly frustration. I will share videos soon.

fitpro rebounder.png

Standing Desk

This is on my Christmas Wish List too for 2019. I have a smaller version, but I want to upgrade to a sturdier and wider standing desk. I really have been a good girl this year.

standing desk.png

More to come ...

more to come...

under desk treadmill.png
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