Disney-Themed Multiplication Jeopardy

Updated: Jul 14

Let’s have fun practicing the multiplication facts 0 -12 with clues from Disney movies. The class will begin with introductions and a briefing on how the Jeopardy-like game is played. I have designed the game to promote a growth mindset, and there is no waiting for turns. All are engaged for each question, but there are advantages to being the player in control. There will be opportunities to play as individuals and teams depending upon the size of the class. In addition, each problem will be explained by a student or an instructor before moving on. Which Disney category will your child choose first?

If you feel your child needs extra help on multiplication strategies, check out Math Fluency Gym – Multiplication Strategies Workout.

Class structure:

5 -10 minutes: introduction and game rules

35 - 45 minutes: Jeopardy game with teachable moments explained by peers and/or instructor.

If they can explain it, they will retain it!

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