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LSC Community College End of the Semester Online Evaluation Comments for Pre-Algebra:

  • "She has made going to back to school easier especially since math is not my best subject."

  • "She is always ready to help and answer my questions and it is very nice knowing that she wants me to finish strong!"

  • "Mrs. Mackie goes over completed test and quizzes over problems students have questions with. She gives clear and step-by-step instructions."

  • "When I don't get something on a quiz, she pulls me aside and shows me what I did wrong."

  • "The instructor teaches me how to do the formulas and gives me different ways to do the problem right."

  • "Mrs. Mackie is very engaged with her students and always willing to assist"

  • "She teaches the whole class and if one student needs help she will give individual help."

  • "Mrs. Mackie is a great teacher! She is serious about her student's success."

  • "She has alot of patience and knowledge"

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