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 Welcome, I’m Beverly, a Christian and certified educator sharing my  knowledge, hobbies, and experiences with the intent to help others cope with grief and stress with AWE, Arts (sewing, crafts, embroidery,  and puzzle games sprinkled with math to keep the mind sharp.), The Word (Applying scriptures to life), and shared Experiences.           


Instant Downloads

Instant Downloads

Click on the title below the image to visit my Etsy shops or pages.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Give the impression you want with professional or fun Zoom backgrounds.


Lest we forget... African American art pints, and books (PDF) .

Image by Anuja Tilj

Printable Catholic art prints, Catholic books, (PDF), and Catholic games.



COMING SOON...Practice your math using math games and  worksheets.

Image by Aaron Burden

Grow and enhance your faith with any of these printable Christian art, word search games, or ebooks (PDF). 

Colorful Book Spines

How To Books

COMING SOON ... How to craft books, math books , and more.

Journals & Composition Notebooks

Click the images below to view the journal's details in Amazon.

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Sewing & Embroidery

Learn With  Beverly - Sewing & Embroidery Videos

Sewing Machine
Embroidered Flowers
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