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Find the words below each puzzle. To circle the word, click and drag your mouse across the letters.

The Women of the Bible Speak
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Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine


Brother PS 500 Sewing Machine 

 (computerized; I own this one.)

Brother Sewing Machine

(NOT computerized)

Multiplication and Division Vocabulary
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Multiplicaton War

Multiplication War  (Card Game)

1. Get your favorite deck of cards, and remove the Jokers. The Jack, Queen, King, and Ace remain. Thier value is as follows.

              Ace = 1, Jack =10,  Queen = 11, King = 12

2. Shuffle and distribute evenly between two players.

3.  Place your deck face down

4. At the same time, both players turn over a card.

5. The first person to say the correct product (multiply both cards) keeps the cards and put them in a separate pile. 

6. If players answer at the same time, place the cards aside. Then, the winner of the next "flip" gets the cards set aside as well as                      the cards just played.

7. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. 

Variations - 

1. Remove all face cards except the Ace.

2. Players flip over two cards instead of one.  The player with the highest product wins all 4 cards.

3. Players flip over two cards instead of one.  The player with the lowest product wins all 4 card

Image by Samantha Sophia
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