Math Fluency Gym - Multiplication Strategies Workout

Yes, practice is necessary when learning any math especially multiplication. However, students need to develop a systematic way to mentally calculate their multiplication facts. In class, our activities and Numbers talk will “connect the dots“ and close gaps for fourth and fifth graders that have yet to master their multiplication facts. I will seek out any misconceptions about the concept of multiplication, vocabulary, and multiplication properties and lead students to the correct understanding. Like a detective, we will analyze and strategize how to approach each timetables 0s through 10. Once they understand these strategies, students should be able to derive 11s, 12s and beyond on their own.

Take-a-away: Everyone will create a foldable to use for future reference and to use during a Bingo Game as we practice multiplication facts. During the bingo game, students will share which strategy was used to find the product.

Note - Since learning comes from repetition, this class can be repeated as often as desired. Games will change.

Note - Third graders that have been introduced to multiplication and know their addition facts can benefit from this Multiplication Workout too.

In summary –


Concept Check activity

Strategies Group Discussion with examples and Foldable

Reinforce / Practice via Bingo


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